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Underwriting can make or break your real estate deals. This course will teach you how to accurately evaluate properties to know whether or not it's a deal. 

For a price point of only $50, this course will teach you: 

  • To gain confidence on how your deal will perform based on actual numbers
  • ​​To look for warning signs and what makes a good deal
  • ​​With a step-by-step over-the-shoulder training

What's included in the Course


Breakdown different investing strategies like fix & flips, BRRR, wholesaling, wraps and more. 


Market breakdown & analysis including R&R, T12, OM, risk, and amortization.


Interviews with attorneys, investors, brokers and other experts to solve problems and get you answers.

Tools and Resources

Everything you need to succeed, real estate calculators, lists, documentation and more.


Secure your National Underwriting Certification, and become a recommended underwriter for a Network of over 10,000+ real estate investors. 

Real Estate Lingo

Immerse yourself in the real estate world with knowledge of underwriting vocabulary necessary to successfully execute single and multifamily deals.

BONUS: Real estate millionaires from A&E's Triple Digit Flip, Pace Morby & Jamil Damji will walk you through actual deals and show you how effective underwriting can be.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi there!

I'm Beau Devine, your friendly neighborhood expert underwriter and seasoned real estate investor.

I've got years of experience under my belt, and my top-notch analytical skills have helped me become a go-to professional for some of the biggest investors in the country. With over $100 million worth of development projects to my name, I've got the expertise to back it up.
I'm all about helping others learn the art of underwriting and believe it's crucial to success in the real estate world. I've got a keen eye for detail and know how to think creatively, making me a master at finding opportunities in the market. I'm excited to share my insights on creative financing in multifamily real estate, so if you're looking for a friendly, knowledgeable guide through the world of real estate, I'm your guy!

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